Coach Running Evolution Certification

Let’s Start A Movement! 


Coach Running Evolution certification is an online program to empower coaches with tools to help get people to start running. includes plans and strategies to get people moving and change their life.


Are you a running shoe store owner/manager and want to grow your business?


Are you an experienced runner who can’t stop talking about your passion but can’t find enough running partners?


Are you active in your community but don’t know how you can personally bring people together?

Then hang on to your Hokas, because this just might change your life.

I have created a comprehensive, ready-to-use system so YOU can start to coach new runners, inspire the journey, and change lives. Cool, huh?

I’m offering two distinct opportunities to meet your needs. If you are an existing coach who wants to grow your business, then the Running Evolution Certified New Runner Coach Program is for you. If you want to start your own Running Evolution Business in your community, then you need the Licensed Running Evolution Business Program.

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What's Inside The Running Evolution Certification?

You’ll learn:

  • WHY people hate running and how to coach them into loving it. Specifically how to deal with the fear of running…it’s a thing.
  • What a new runner is.
  • The mental hurdles of a new runner.
  • A cycle of learning a new thing….like running!
  • Techniques on how to motivate distract and keep new runner motivated.
  • How to get a new runner to get into the HABIT of running.
  • All of the ins and outs of what a new runner needs to know: A new runners toolbox.
  • How to build a new to running plan.
  • The importance of a running community. (It’s love)

You’ll get:

  • On your own online course. (It’s jam-packed, and won’t take your whole day!)
  • Workbook to accompany the online course.
  • Directions on how to get certified. (Test drive on some new runners.)

Why Running Evolution?

   Running Evolution was built from the ground up based on my own experience and experience helping others. The folks who were born as gazelles? They don’t need my help. The folks who have tried self-directed running programs and only made it a week in? The folks who used to run for sports teams growing up but then got out of the habit? The folks who think they might want to run but aren’t really sure how to start? Those are my people.

Reaching out to my people, I created an amazing community. Since then, I have fallen deeply, madly, passionately in love with this community of runners.  

In the last 13 years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching 2,000 runners. Yeah, that’s a kick-ass community.

And you know what? Those people born as gazelles are almost as rare as unicorns. But my people? The people who fit best with Running Evolution?

There are so many of them out there. Once you have the tools to find them, you’ll be surprised.

I want YOU to be able to create a community too. I want YOU to be able to help others, do what you love, and make money while doing it.

As a coach, I’ve been featured in Runner’s World Magazine, Oiselle,, The Seattle Times, and other nationally known media outlets. But what really matters is that at Running Evolution we know what we’re doing. We’ve coached new runners, old runners, thick runners, baby giraffe legged runners, beer runners, and more.

We know how to have fun AND get results.

And I want to help YOU have fun and get results too!


If you have:

  • Your own coaching business (or dream about starting one)
  • Experience mentoring, coaching or teaching others, and would like to use that experience to grow your income
  • The sincere desire to be a force for good in your community by motivating new runners to get moving on a whole new level

 Then join me…