Running Evolution

Certified New Runner

Coach Program

Certification if you…

Are you a coach/trainer and want to start coaching new runners. (Either groups or one on one)  

Have a business, and want to bring new runners in the door and start a running community. (Running shoe store, gym, or donut shop!)

In this program, I’m going to give you:

  • The exact topics you need to teach your new runners the tricks of the trade.
  • A lesson on “How to Speak to Runners”.
  • The “All-In-One Basics to Coach,” your new runner’s toolbox
  • A lesson on “How to Coach NEW RUNNERS,” including how to get them motivated and mental tricks to stay on track and keep being inspired.
  • The “Ins and Outs” of how to build a community.
  • Example schedules for 3 different experience level.


You’ll also learn how to:

  • WHY people hate running and how to coach them into loving it. Specifically how to deal with the fear of running…it’s a thing.
  • What a new runner is.
  • The mental hurdles of a new runner.
  • A cycle of learning a new thing….like running!
  • Techniques on how to motivate distract and keep new runner motivated.
  • How to get a new runner to get into the HABIT of running.
  • All of the ins and outs of what a new runner needs to know: A new runners toolbox.
  • How to build a new to running plan.
  • The importance of a running community. (It’s love)

You’ll get:

  • On your own online course. (It’s jam-packed, and won’t take your whole day!)
  • Workbook to accompany the online course.
  • Directions on how to get certified. (Test drive on some new runners.)

After you’ve completed the Certification Program, you’ll receive the following:

  • Your business listed as a Certified Running Evolution Coach.
  • A New Runner Coach logo for your website.
  • Updated materials when available.
  • Online coaching community.
  • Discounts on your running needs.
  • Option to level up to Running Evolution Licensee Program.  

Price is $995, plus $50 recertification/each year. 

Want to get started? Contact us and get the ball rolling!!