The online coaching certification program that teaches you how to turn running into a business and enroll your community in the movement!

“Hey, how did you start running?”

– The question that every passionate runner gets at some point

And it’s no surprise, because running is awesome.

Running is life-changing.

Running is something you share with others.

The problem is, most people don’t get to experience it because:

…They feel intimidated or unathletic.

…They think they’re going to look dumb, get laughed at, and die.

…They think running is only for tiny fast people. (Hey, I used to think so, too!)

   But what if YOU could be the one to give others the gift of running?

  Imagine being able to:

  • Turn your passion for running into a business
  • Be the go-to running coach in your community
  • Show people how to get comfortable in their own bodies
  • Make new friends that you never would have met otherwise
  • Keep your community sane, healthy, and happy through running 
  • Join the movement of runners who are defying what a “runner” is supposed to look like

 Get the tools and training to coach new runners with…


 The online coaching certification program that teaches you how to turn running into a business and enroll your community in the movement!

 Ever thought about becoming a running coach or adding running coaching to your business? 

 Coach Running Evolution makes it easy to get started with a 5-part online coaching certification and licensing program that will show you how to coach new runners in a fun and gentle way.

 It’s your running coach business in a box!

 This is perfect for you if: 

  ✓  You’re a passionate running evangelist who can’t stop talking about running (srsly, your family has had enough)

  ✓  You’re a personal trainer, shoe store owner, or anyone with a business that wants to expand into running coaching 

  ✓  You want to be a role model in your community that unites people around running

  ✓  You’re looking for more running buddies anyway, why not get paid to coach them?

  ✓  You want to have a ripple effect… because if there’s one thing runners do, it’s turn more people into runners! (Like zombies! But pretty fast ones.)


    It’s not about going FASTER.

    It’s about getting people to START.

   We meet people where they are and get them through the pain of     getting started in a shame-free, body-positive environment.

   Because when it comes to running, some people are born gazelles… 

    …But most of us need a little help.

   Coach Running Evolution is creating a movement of runners who defy    expectations of what a runner is “supposed” to look like, and we’re bringing    running to EVERYONE!

  Ready to join the movement?


   MEET Coach Beth!

   Hi! I’m Beth, running coach, taco lover, beer drinker, and founder of     Running Evolution.

  I fell in love with running after a long year of crying, cussing, and a few   tantrums on my way to my first 5K… and that’s why I’m so passionate about  getting new runners past that suckage!

  I’ve coached THOUSANDS of new runners over the past decade, and I want   to help you bring running to more people, too.

   Instead of being sold diets that don’t work and told what “healthy” looks   like, or what an “athlete” looks like, people need us to show them how life-   changing running can really be.

   I believe the running community needs to go beyond the image of tiny    white women in pricy athleisure wear and become more inclusive to all    colors, shapes, and sizes.

   In fact, if I introduced you to some of the world-class runners I know, they    probably don’t even match the picture you have in your head of an   “athlete.”

    If you want to run, you can run.

    Let’s expand the running community together!

    Are you in?



  Sign up for COACH RUNNING EVOLUTION and you’ll receive:

  •  5-PART COACHING TRAINING. Our step-by-step online course will  show you exactly how to get started coaching new runners, including:
    •  How to run your own Running Evolution “Learn to Run” class: class by class, what to say, and what to do
    •  How to find new runners, get them in your class, and get them  running
    •  How to deal with the fear of running (it’s a thing!)
    •  Coaching strategies to get people going and having fun
    •  New Runners Toolbox: everything a new runner needs to know
  •  Customer Service 101 for Running Evolution: conduct, attitude, and love
  •  The “Ins and Outs” of how to build a running community
  •  What’s next? Continuing education for your new runners!
  •  How to find your cojones to start or expand your own business
  •  CERTIFICATION. After completing our training, you’ll receive:
  •  Your business listing as a Certified Running Evolution Coach
  •  A New Runner Coach logo for your website
  •  Updated training materials  
  •  Access to our online coaching community
  •  LICENSE. Become part of the Running Evolution family with a yearly license and you’ll receive:
  •  Licensed use of the official Running Evolution logo
  •  Placement on Running Evolution’s main website as a Licensed  Running Evolution Business with a unique URL
  •  Monthly marketing and business support phone calls
  •  Business building resources
  •  WORKBOOK. To follow along with during the course and get clear on the next steps to starting your coaching business. (Because putting it all down on paper makes it real!)
  •  RUNNING SCHEDULES. Easy-to-follow running schedules that’ll get your students up to speed in a safe, fun way!
  •  DISCOUNT ON RUNNING CLOTHES for you and your students…  because who doesn’t want to look their best while they’re sweating their face off? Get suited up with some of our best running swag for an even swaggier price. 
  •  BONUS TRAINING: How to Coach Runners Online. Everybody’s going virtual these days, and you can too! This special training will show you how to coach new runners with nothing more than WiFi.


 In case you’re wondering whether NOW is really the time to start your  running coaching business, I would say there’s never been a better time!

 With gyms closed and people going stir-crazy at home, running can be both  the perfect escape AND the best way to get moving! 

 Running is something you can do anywhere, any time, for free, to clear  your head and move your body.

You can coach new runners in-person OR online, depending on what best  fits your lifestyle and community… 

 Plus, Coach Running Evolution includes specific training on how to coach  virtually! 

 Don’t miss out on this chance to turn your passion for running into a  business!


  1.  Apply for the Coach Running Evolution Certification and Licensing  Program. 
  2.  Feel awesome.
  3.  Start the online course, which you can watch on your own time from the comfort of home. You’ll also receive a workbook to complete. (Hint: This is the key to launching your own business!)
  4.  Get support in our special Facebook Group, PLUS you’ll get access to Coach Beth (that’s me!) via phone or email to help you get the most out of the program.
  5.  Start coaching new runners, and watch them transform from “person who can’t run” to “runner who used to think they couldn’t run!”
  6.  Complete your certification .
  7.  Feel even more awesome. Because you are.

 Are you so in?

Apply Here



 From Coach Beth 

 I’m so glad that  you’re interested in  becoming a certified  running coach!

   I see a huge hole in    the world of running    coaches, because most of them are coaching people who want to go faster

   …When so many people out there just want to know how to start, how fast    to go, what to wear, why it sucks, and “When do I finally get those mighty    endorphins?!” 

   I started the Coach Running Evolution Certification and Licensing   Program  to get more people to run, ‘cause it does suck at the beginning,   and people  need help.

   I love running. I love coaching people through the tough parts so they can     get to the awesome parts. They all go through the same ebb and flow. After    doing this for 12 years, I know it like clockwork.

   I also think running can save lives, marriages, and maybe even the world.    Maybe I am an idealist, but I want to start spreading the running gospel and    get more runners on the road.

  I want to empower people, dammit. 

   Will you join me?

   Let’s run this world!

  – Coach Beth 

   Now is your time! Sign up with Coach Running Evolution today!


  See you on the run.

  Coach Beth